Dance Fever!

Here our LIVE DJ gettin' down. I think Gina encouraged this behavior.

Oh, here Troy encouraging the same kind of behavior...
I guess that's why Gina & Troy get along so well.

Priceless facial expression!
Click on the photo to get a closer look!

Get down, get down!

Get down, get down!

The official dance floor.

There you have it folks.
That is all the fun we had this summer at the camper.
I am sorry to say there won't be many pictures after this.
Not until next summer.
However, if you have photos from any of the events
here at Lake Royale please send them to me
and I will post them for the world to see!

Send your photos to stephanyzerbe(at)yahoo.com


You'd think it was Ladies' Night at the Tiki Hut

Charlie and Steph after kicking off the first Karaoke song of the night.
We're thinking of going on tour! You'd pay to hear us sing right?

Uncle Kurt on a well needed vaca from his everyday life.
His nieces think he's pretty awesome!

Our silly youngster that do nothing but entertain us!

Come by tomorrow for some crazy dance pics!!


More Memorial Weekend photos

Feel the love!

Who's the Hotty?
Back off ladies, he's accounted for.

Oh, Aunt T and little Jacob leaving the party so Mom & Dad can play.


Memorial Day: Night of the Live DJ!

The line-up! What's your POISON?

The 'LUGE' ladies

The observers.

The buffet!!
Art won the best prize you could get at Casino Night..... a LIVE DJ!! The Disc Jockey was awesome. He traveled from far away to 'Party' with us! He behaved himself but you will see a photo of him dancing with 'Our Ladies'!
I say 'Our Ladies' as if we're an overprotective Biker Pack. Ha!
More like, a 'Souped-up Golf Cart Pack', but just on the weekends.
The DJ was great and hopefully he'll want to come back next year!
Thanks Art for throwing the best party of the year.
Did I mention the cops came?
That's a story for another post.


Life, liberty and the persuit of Happy Hour

This is the Official Southside Renegades Motto.

Shhhh! Jeff was never here!!

Don't tell Jeff's wife he was here.