Dance Fever!

Here our LIVE DJ gettin' down. I think Gina encouraged this behavior.

Oh, here Troy encouraging the same kind of behavior...
I guess that's why Gina & Troy get along so well.

Priceless facial expression!
Click on the photo to get a closer look!

Get down, get down!

Get down, get down!

The official dance floor.

There you have it folks.
That is all the fun we had this summer at the camper.
I am sorry to say there won't be many pictures after this.
Not until next summer.
However, if you have photos from any of the events
here at Lake Royale please send them to me
and I will post them for the world to see!

Send your photos to stephanyzerbe(at)yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

love the pictures, you do such a great job Steph

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