Back by popular demand....Mr. Zerbe!!!

He's back. Please no fan mail.


The Renegades said...

It's great to see him back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn - You look great & welcome home. Liz

XR7HANSON said...

Hey Slugger glad you are back.
EN2 Hanson
PVT Moran

jbhood said...

Hey, Hey, Hey!!!

I finally got a valentine and it was from Steph! (Bugs did good, too). I can't believe the photos and, yes, we're on it. Bugs already has all the tools nesessary to build an awning and, I hope you need a deck, cement patio. and decorative planter, because it's in the works.
End of June......give us the dates and that's our vacation of the decade!
We miss and love you and we're there for you.
Thanks Steph....your Web-Thing made it all possible.
"On it from Pittsburgh"

Surrounded by Men said...

So, when are we invited?