Halloween Bash 2006 at Art & Chris' decked out pad.
From left to right: Big Art as BUZZED Light Beer, James WAS a Fire Fighter (his occupation before retirement), James' wife Lynn as a Groovy Witch, Steph as a Ghost AKA Dead Bride, Joe in the way back as his Scarey self, Theresa and Mark were Dr. & Mrs. Budget (Mrs. Budget was collecting donations for her left boob job and her right butt implant.)


Martini said...

We missed the Stephanie,the Brighters and the Anderson clan at Big John's annual end of the year Pig Picken at the lake on 11/25/06. You missed a good time with lots of food ( of course ). But not to worry the crowd did not leave much in the way of leftovers.

Chris said...

But poor Martini was not at the pig pickin She was home tending to her 4 new puppies. She doesn't like missing out on all the fun.